Hello, I'm Benjamin Schudel

Back in 1995, when I was 16 I founded an internet company called MotionArts. Ever since then I'm addicted to the nearly endless possibilities of the web by combining aesthetics and technology. After developing corporate websites, web portals, content management systems, Flash applications and games, I fell in love with interfaces, data visualisations and digital storytelling in general. Today I work at the intersection of design and technology as a visual designer, UX/UI expert and front-end engineer.

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SWISSFEX Design System

To bridge the gap between design and implementation I developed a design system that included all the specifications and components used in the final product.

MigrosBank Advisor Workplace

On behalf of Panter, I was heavily involved in the front-end development of the MigrosBank advisor workplace. Under my direction, the UI components, the framework and the Invest module were shaped and developed.

MigrosBank UI Library

I developed a library and a documentation system of all the UI components used by the Advisor Workplace application.

Denteo Pitch Prototype

How would a modern customer journey in the dentistry world look like? This was the task given to us. We came up with a solution on how the customer and the dentistry team will interact with each other. The final product was an interactive prototype deck showcasing our idea.

A beautiful game

Football meets art. Championship football matches visualised in a Mondrian like style. Take the tour at the digital gallery and witness in replay how the pictures emerge minute by minute.

Mobile Website Of GetYourGuide

During my time at GetYourGuide I was mainly involved in the development of the mobile website. We modularized everything by building a custom built framework, which helped us to achieve a comfortable handling, while keeping the overall footprint low.

Chasing The Matterhorn

This longform tells one of the greatest Swiss stories: the first ascent of the Matterhorn back in 1865.

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Swiss Parliamentarian Twitter Networks

This visualization is about Swiss politicians and their twitter network. See who has the most followers and who’s following whom.

Interactive visualization
10 Years After The Tsunami

On the 26th of December 2014, an earthquake struck the Indian Ocean near Indonesia, generating a massive tsunami. This visualization shows how the tsunami spread accros the ocean, the wave height that struck the coast and the death toll.

Interactive visualization
Badrutt's Palace

The Badrutt's Palace combines the history of 150 years Swiss winter tourism.

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Radial Color Picker

I do not like the "status quo". That's why I constantly iterate over ideas and come up with new solutions. One of these ideas was a color picker that would let me choose colors in a limited way though being able to use the whole spectrum.

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Floralies Politique

Floralies Politique is a visualization of the 1st and 2nd-level business contacts of each swiss parliamentarian. This project consists of two parts: A poster and an interactive online application with the capability of filtering the result by custom criterias.

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Network Explorer

Network Explorer is an interactive online application where you can explore the network of commercial companies and their management.

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The Berlin Wall

This interactive visualization shows the development of the Berlin Wall from a simple barb wire fence into a high security death strip.

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Carbon Footprint

This visualization was part of the NZZ summer series 2016. It shows the development of the carbon emissions since 1980.

Interactive visualization
US Presidential Primaries 2016

The goal of this visualization is to give a brief overview of the current state of the US primary presidential elections. The overview consists of three parts, the candidates and their current count of delegates, a map that communicates the progress and a shedule that propagates the last results as well as the next held votes.

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Parlament Explorer

This web application let's you explore the Swiss parliament and their business connections.


I'm very fond of colors. That is why I created my own color application with tools to help me work with colors. For example to find good color combinations, create color palettes or mixing colors together.

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Museum für Gestaltung

At the Belleville firm we had the opportunity to create the website of the Muesum für Gestaltung.


Infocube was a comprehensive source for commercial register and company data. I was responsible for the design and part of the design implementation.


For a long time I had an idea to develop a digital kaleidoscope. After exploring a physics engine I took the chance to actually build it. Later on I reshaped it a bit to be used as a visual for a conference on a big led screen. Sadly the conference never happened :(

Note: append ?debug to the url to see into the inner workings of the kaleidoscope

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Retro Poster Creator

Since I started my career as a web designer, I have always felt the urge to build my own tools. This was also the topic of a talk I gave at Web Zurich. Of course I couldn't resist and took this as an opportunity to develop a small prototype.

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Teaser Creator

Creating teaser images from our visualizations became a frequent task. This was the main reason why I developed a teaser-creator tool. It’s simple: drag’n drop an image, choose a preset – et voilà.

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audiocloud - Diploma 2006

My diploma was all about finding information in time based media files. Because automated transcription has its limits, crowd tagging might be the way to go. With my prototype search engine the user is able to append tags to any particular time slot. This meta data will then help to provide better search results.


I designed a couple of character for a chat-bot application.

Orell Füssli Wirtschaftsinformationen

Orell Füssli Wirtschaftsinformationen is one of the leading providers of credit risk management, fraud prevention and address management solutions in Switzerland.

AuerCaflisch Architecture

AuerCaflisch is an architecture studio based in Chur, Switzerland.